Monday, 25 October 2010

Crown Inn, Stockport

I am in the Crown Inn. There is supposedly a canine ghostly presence in the building. Details were once imparted to me by a past landlady. It was claimed that the dog is vicious. The main entrance still sports a warning to dog owners that wish to bring dogs on the premises.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Android Ghost Pubs

We have decided to create a Ghost Pubs application to mobile devices that support Android. We plan to launch this in the new year.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Court House, Dudley

The Court House on New Street is supposedly haunted by a Mario Lanza ghost-writer. There is a plaque behind the bar which advertises this ghost-writer. The ghost-writer has been active for thirty or so years (around the Black Country). He leaves beer mats; he could just be an unknown random drinker but some might claim that he is genuinely either the ghost of Mr Lanza or his incarnate. Nonetheless, these beer mats include portraits and lyrics from Lanza’s songs. Could it be Lanza himself?

Incidentally, the Court House is advertising a free psychic night on 12th December 2009. If it is as good as the beer then I anticipate that it could be an amazing night out.

Monday, 25 May 2009

The Pump and Truncheon

The Pump and Truncheon has a magnificently dark golden feel to it. It resides opposite Blackpool police station; the station itself happens to be a gross eyesore but I will forget about that for the purposes of this story. It is the public house opposite that interests us here.

When one turns to the bar to order a pint of proper beer, there is an impressive array of county police shields above the bar. The law and order theme runs deep: the whole public house parodies a gaol-cum-courtroom. The layout is exceptional. There are hand-painted wooden signs that point the way to Ladies and Gents cells, viz., toilets. This kind of humorous theme really does run throughout. Photographs might be found at

It is not the remarkable interior of this establishment that earns the Pump and Truncheon a place on Rather, it is the rumour that kangaroo court hearings have, arguably within living memory, been held in this very public house. I did not stop to ask the landlord at the time about the authenticity of such claims. I leave this to the reader. Instead of asking the landlord, I was far too busy enjoying the three hand-pumps of real ale at the bar to crack any real conversation. Anyway, I was enlightened to a particular tale by a couple outside the Doctor Who museum on the Promenade, who claimed that kangaroo court beatings were so severe that one Scottish victim took his life in terror. The sufferer is said to still haunt the building.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Delayed Launch

Unfortunately, due to the large and growing number of entries for Ghost Pubs, we have had to put back its launch date. This is because the proposed development of the website is not flexible enough to cope with such a large number of entries. The website will undergo a more data-driven redesign.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Keep your submission coming ....

We are not to far away from launch but obviously it all rests on your contributions.

So if you have any info regarding

Abandoned Pubs
Closed establisments (long term)
Demolished Pubs
Paranormal Activity in your establishment

Who knows if we get enough interest we may organise local ghost tours ...

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Official Release Date

Breaking News: The official launch date for Ghost Pubs has been set. It is scheduled for release on Sunday 18th January 2009. It identifies some 500 ghost pubs in its list and offers full integration with