Saturday, 13 December 2008

Created Theme and Web Application Prototype

With a few hours of effort, the web application prototype has been created.


Artist formerly known as Wurst said...

You guys better get this sorted, especially after I've just added you to my community. The word on the streets is you're all goths. This is fine, but I want to see some dark, haunted shit!! Ghouls pounding pints of Whitbread Pale Ale circa 1850 would be nice. Get Ron Pattinson involved!

Damian said...

Maybe smartly dressed goths from time to time - Seriously, we have quite a bit of material. We are split across several different projects at the moment. Personally, I would love to launch a fully functional website at the new year (a real goth would have gone for the winter solstice). Anyway, stay tuned and you'll get your Whitbread swigging prole drinking the profits of the Royal Oak Brewery.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a party on the mothernight in my back garden with six quality ales and a bonfire, hell who knows there may even be some Nephilim on the tunebox.